Which iPhone? iPad glory, more iPhone 7 rumours, verifying your Twitter


Which iPhone model do you have? Here’s where to look — If you have an iPhone 6s, but which iPhone 6s do you have? Your model identifier numbers will tell you. You’ll find your phone’s “A” number stamped on the back of your device. Flip it over, look for the fine print below the “iPhone” label, and look closely for the “Model” identifier.

iPad poised for glory — The iPad launched with great enthusiasm in 2010, and just about everyone had to have one. It was boldly declared to be the harbinger of the Post-PC era. But then it faltered. Now, Apple is positioning the iPad to take up its long-intended role as the PC replacement. Here’s how Apple is going to do that.

iPhone 7 will be waterproof, include Lightning headphone dongle — Apple’s iPhone 7, expected to ship this fall, will include “professional class waterproofing” and a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack dongle. That’s according to Deutsche Bank analysts following Apple’s production closely. [Right. What would they know? This is hope, smoke and mirrors, people.]

How and why to verify your Twitter account — You can finally request that coveted blue verified Twitter badge that has eluded you for seven years.