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Famous people love sharing from the Notes app, though Apple has made it a struggle — The last time Taylor Swift held a strong opinion about an Apple product, Tim Cook made instant changes. So, hopefully Taylor will convince Apple to take the Notes app to the next level.
In the last year or so, a bunch of celebrities have made public statements by sharing from the Notes app on their iPhones. Taylor Swift did it most recently, but previously other young stars like Ariana Grande, Amy Schumer, and Demi Lovato gave us a piece of their mind by posting a screenshot of one of their Notes on Twitter or Instagram (or both simultaneously because they’re that social-savvy). [The Notes app from Yosemite onwards  is terrific – I organised a trip and a book easily just by using Notes.]

Pokémon Go and Snapchat prove the iPhone is perfect for augmented reality — We’re now spending more time in AR than on Facebook, thanks to Pokémon Go. [This is true – the last time AR was the buzz was in 2010.]

LogMeOnce introduces new features for tracking, managing lost or stolen devices — LogMeOnce, which specialises in identity and password management in cloud and mobile enterprise, has announced three new features designed to make it simpler to manage, track and wipe personal and business data from the LogMeOnce app on lost or stolen devices.

Chinese protesters smashing Apple iPhones over UN’s South China Sea decision — Chinese nationalists are reportedly taking to boycotts and destruction of emblematic US consumer goods, like the iPhone, to protest an unfavourable UN decision over disputed territory in the South and East China Sea. The slightly more independent China Daily called the device smashing “jingoism that does a disservice to the spirit of devotion to the nation.” [Hah, they’re all made in China anyway, you twits.] 

Apple Pay adds support for 13 new US banks and credit unions, France and Hong Kong — Piling on to what has already been a big day for Apple Pay, Apple on Tuesday announced a US expansion of payment services that includes support from 13 new banks and credit unions, bringing the total up to nearly 1375 financial institutions. It has also become available in France and Hong Kong.

Scrivener for iOS review: A sophisticated writing and research app for on-the-go — Like its desktop counterpart, Scrivener has the features you need for research and writing projects. Macworld has reviewed it [I am still working on mine – it’s really impressive].

Pokémon Go tips — Macworld has put together some insider tips that will help you on your quest to catching ‘em all.

Apple’s iOS App Store now generating 4x revenues per app vs Android Google Play — A new report examining mobile app revenues shows strong growth for Apple in China and from music and video streaming titles, and another big jump in the revenue lead that its iOS App Store maintains over Android’s Google Play. And despite 9% growth, Microsoft Surface sales remain stuck at around 1M units.

Brazilian Supreme Court overturns WhatsApp ban within hours — Just hours after it was issued, a ban on WhatsApp in Brazil was reportedly overturned by the country’s Supreme Court, which argued that the measure may not have been reasonable or proportionate.