US Special Ops dropping Android, iOS 9.3.3, why iPhone 7, ARM buyer, Rodeo Stampede, RunGo

(Graphic made in Art Text 3)
(Graphic made in Art Text 3)

US Army Special Operations Command dumping Android for the iPhone — US Army Special Operations Command is dumping its Android tactical smartphone for iPhone, according to DoD Buzz. The iPhone is “faster; smoother. Android freezes up” and has to be restarted too often, the source said. The problem with Android is particularly noticeable when viewing live feed from an unmanned aerial system such as Instant Eye.

Apple releases iOS 9.3.3, El Capitan 10.11.6, watchOS 2.2.2, and tvOS 9.2.1 updates — The company released several bug fixes and security improvements for its products.

Why this year’s iPhone might be a must-have upgrade — OLED probably isn’t coming until next year. But this year’s iPhone could be a sleeper hit. [And this is pure speculation at this stage as we know nothing about it.]

SoftBank to buy ARM, designer of Apple chips — Apple chip designer ARM Holdings is about to get bought by Japan’s SoftBank in a £24.3 billion (about US$32.16 billion) deal. SoftBank plans to keep ARM in the UK while using the deal to make itself the preeminent mobile chip designer and cash in on the growing “internet of things” product market.

Rodeo Stampede is a rollicking romp with a fine freemium model —  Can you keep up with this rapid animal runner… and build the sky zoo of your dreams?

RunGo, which existed before Pokémon Go, just debuted Pokémon-focused routes in the app — Now players can sprint along paths claimed to loop through “high density” Pokémon areas and hit gyms and PokéStops in the process.