Wifi expanded, Keyboard Maestro, Close Other Tabs, Facebook manifesto


Wi-Fi Alliance announces expanded 802.11ac standard — The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced the expansion of the 802.11ac standard to include new features that provide a higher-performance connectivity experience. Most Apple products offer 802.11ac compatibility, including Macs, the AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule. The expanded 802.11ac could see implementation in future versions of the latter two devices, which are overdue for an upgrade.

How to become a Maestro of your Mac keyboard — Keyboard Maestro is definitely a great performer when it comes to saving time and effort. Keyboard Maestro makes macros. But to call it a mere macro-maker does it a supreme disservice. Yes, it’s a macro-maker, but it’s much more than that.

OS X: Safari’s ‘Close Other Tabs’ Option — When you’ve got multiple tabs open, click on the File menu. If you hold down the Option key, ‘Close Tab’ switches to ‘Close Other Tabs’, as shown above. This is neat if you’ve opened up a ton of stuff and just wanna get rid of everything except the tab that you’re currently viewing.

Facebook chooses friends and family over celebrities in your feed, which is probably healthy — The tweak is part of the company’s news feed manifesto, which it also publicised.

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