iPhone crossroads, iOS 10 game changers, iMessage confusion, watchOS side button, learning app


On its 9th birthday, Apple’s iPhone finds itself at a crossroads — No, the sky is not falling — Apple will be fine. But as the company’s cash cow comes off of its first-ever declining sales, the multi-billion-dollar question for the iPhone is: what can (or should) Apple do to return the iconic product to growth? [Just a newer, better model of iPhone doesn’t seem to be cutting it any more.]

How iOS 10 powers machine learning while protecting your privacy — With iOS 10, Apple will be introducing ‘differential privacy,’ which is a new way to collect your data that’s not so creepy. And check out these five ‘instant game-changers‘ iOS 10 will also introduce.

When sharing an Apple ID creates iMessage and text message confusion — A reader’s family shares a single account, but wants to separate out messages. They can’t – an Apple ID and the associated iCloud account are a single entity. There’s no way to split out multiple, different text messaging or iMessage delivery addresses.

See the Apple Watch’s new side button app dock in watchOS 3 in this video — Launching and switching between Apple Watch apps will become easier than ever with watchOS 3, thanks to the new app dock accessed via the side button. AppleInsider offers a closer look at how the new Apple Watch app dock will work.

Degreed offers lifelong learning in a free iOS app — Degreed started life as a web app, and it’s still a powerful online resource. But now it’s possible to use your iPhone to “discover, track, utilize and share learning from any source.”


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