Dreezy on Music, setting up a new Mac, Sierra tabs, music formats in iTunes


Dreezy’s debut full-length to launch as one-week Apple Music exclusive — The first full-length album by up-and-coming rapper Dreezy, No Hard Feelings, will launch as a temporary Apple Music exclusive on July 15, according to Interscope Records.
The exclusivity will run one week, and further limit listening to the US, Interscope said. The album features guests like Jeremih, Gucci Mane, and T-Pain. A single, Close to You, was premiered on Beats 1 radio last week.

How to set up a new Mac securely and update an older one — If you’re setting up a Mac from scratch for yourself or for another person, you can make a number of baseline choices, but they’re good for existing installations, too.
When you get a new Mac, how can you make sure you’ve set it up to be as secure as possible? If you walk through a completely fresh installation process, Apple tries to guide you into making the most-secure choices among alternatives, but it’s probably the worst time to try to sort out the options available and make those decisions. [I have to admit I do not use FileVault myself, for two reasons: performance lag and I’m scared of locking myself out of my system. Besides, I’m not a spy or doing anything illegal.]

How to use Tabs in macOS Sierra — Tabs will help clean up your windows and make it easier to find what you need even now. In the next Mac OS, they’ll do more. When you use a web browser, you probably have multiple websites open at one time. All those open browser windows are a pain to track, but using tabs helps organize those windows. Instead of multiple windows open and scattered around on your screen, you have one window open, and tabs across the top that you can click to get to the window you need. macOS Sierra will bring tabs to all apps that allow multiple windows.

How to convert between music files formats in iTunes — You can select any media file or files in iTunes that’s not DRM protected, and then choose File>Convert>Create [Format] Version. That creates a copy of the file or files in iTunes in what format appears. You can also hold down the Option key and the menu item changes to Convert to [Format], and lets you save the selected items in any location you want.


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