iKlip AV, iOS and iPhone 7, iOS 10 kernel, NASA TV, Dropbox app adds features, Munzees, Streaks task tracker, Sage hire, inside iOS 10


iPhone broadcast mount — iKlip A/V is a mobile solution for professional audio and video recording with your smartphone. An industry first, it’s a system that now gives you the ability to capture and monitor pro-quality audio on the go thanks to an integrated high-quality mic preamp and built-in wireless receiver support. With iKlip A/V you can take your best shot, capture your best take and get professional broadcast-ready results with just your smartphone and your favorite microphone. [These will be available in New Zealand shortly – they’re on the way as we speak.]

What iOS 10 can tell us about the new iPhone — The next iPhone will ship with iOS 10 – and everything we know about iOS 10 today can give us hints about the phone before it’s even unveiled.

Apple deliberately left iOS 10 kernel unencrypted to streamline system performance — Folks have been wondering why the iOS 10 beta kernel was left unencrypted. Now Apple tells TechCrunch that this was done deliberately to streamline system performance.

NASA App comes to the 4th-Generation Apple TV—  A NASA app has come to the latest Apple TV(and Apple might be quietly preparing an assault on the cable box via its Apple TV).

Dropbox introduces new productivity tools including text scanner for Apple’s iOS — New capabilities were launched by cloud storage service Dropbox on Wednesday, including an update to its official iOS app that allows users to quickly scan text-based documents and convert them into files. Users can now scan documents using the mobile Dropbox app and organise from whiteboards, receipts, and sketches and search inside scans.

Funzees with Munzees — Geocaching; it’s a modern-day scavenger hunt that uses GPS and a website or app to let people get out and search for well-hidden logbooks and swag. A new game does away with physical caches: Munzee (free app, QR codes available for purchase).

Streaks: a hands-on review of the Apple Design Award-winning app — One of the winners of an Apple Design Award at last week’s WWDC event was Streaks ($3.99), and for good reason. The app does one job very well –it tracks up to six tasks that you want to accomplish, gently nudges you to complete them, and then shows you how you’ve done each day.

President of Sage Bionetworks joins Apple’s health care team — Stephen Friend, co-founder and president of Sage Bionetworks, is joining Apple’s health care team, reports Business Insider. Sage Bionetworks launched in 2009 as part of his vision “to drive open science and fundamentally change the relationship between patients and their doctors.”

Inside iOS 10: multilingual typing eases autocorrect woes — One subtly important improvement in iOS 10 is support for multilingual typing, letting people use several languages in the same sentence without unwanted autocorrections.


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