Icon Factory, Error 53 suit, Mac Pro refresh? macOS APFS, Photos facial, Effect Stack, Reason 9

Icon Factory has turned 20
Icon Factory has turned 20

The Icon Factory happy 20th birthday — To transform yourself from an icon-designer to a major design firm, user interface consultant and app maker is astounding. Icon Factory posted a company timeline/history that is a great walk down memory lane plus some deals on its apps), especially for Mac users. Icon Factory made awesome icons that helped make my Mac more fun.

California judge dismisses ‘Error 53’ lawsuit against Apple — US District Judge Vince Chhabria has dismissed the California class action lawsuit against Apple regarding the Error 53 brouhaha, reports Fortune. He said claims the iPhone users’ “lost data” was not separate from claims over a defective iPhone—and Apple had already addressed that by fixing the software and offering to cover any repair claims.

El Capitan info-list file could hint at upcoming Mac Pro refresh — This may be wishful thinking, but whenever Apple updates its Mac lines this year (often there are August and September announcements), the Mac Pro might finally be among the revamped systems. A clue in an El Capitan info-list file may hint at just that, reports PortableOne.

More about Apple’s coming new macOS filing system — Apple has been working on APFS since 2014, and that was well before Linus Torvalds made his very public, stinging remarks about HFS+. Apple engineers could only smile and get back to work.

Apple’s new Photos app will recognise 7 different facial expressions — A developer has uncovered how Photos will employ facial and object recognition to generate Moments and yield search results in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. According to Kay Yin, Photos will be able to recognise greedy, disgusted, neutral, screaming, smiling, surprised and suspicious.

Effect Stack makes it easy to edit images non-destructively — Sinisa Drpa’s Effect Stack is an NZ$14.99/ US$9.99 flexible, non-destructive image editor for macOS (10.9 or later) that allows you to easily chain multiple image filters together. And it supports all image formats supported by the operating system, including RAW images.

Reason 9 adds Pitch Editor and new MIDI processing — Propellerhead has shipped Reason 9. The newest version of the digital audio workstation and sequencer adds two main features: Players automate and process MIDI input, and Pitch Edit, a pitch editor designed for vocals (think Melodyne or Auto-Tune). There are other new features, too, including Bounce In Place, new visual themes and reverse MIDI clips.
Reason 9 is priced at €405/US$449, while upgrades from any previous version are €129/$129. Propellerhead also has a stripped-down version called Reason Essentials 9 priced at €120/$129. The software shipped today and is available now.