Netflix p-in-p for iPad, dark Messages, Maps in 10, Slide to unlock, Squarespace News format, glass iPhone Super Cycle, watchOS 3

Netflix for iPad update has added picture in picture (image from TechCrunch)
Netflix for iPad update has added picture in picture (image from TechCrunch)

Netflix adds long-demanded Picture in Picture support on iPad — Streaming video service Netflix has updated its iOS app with one of the most requested features for the platform, Picture in Picture mode on the iPad.
On compatible iOS 9 tablets, the options lets people start playback inside the app but continue watching in a thumbnail view elsewhere after pressing the Home button. Pop-up commands can expand or close the window, and pause or resume playback.
Picture in Picture requires at least an iPad Air or iPad mini 2.

iOS 10 beta offers ‘dark mode’ for Messages, may hint at broader adoption — The iOS 10 version of Messages appears to contain a hidden ‘dark mode’ option, potentially backing up hints that such a feature will go system-wide, or at least come to other iOS apps beyond ones like iBooks. [This is a visual rather than a secretive thing.]

See Apple Maps in iOS 10 in action, with recommended stops along route & saved parked car location — Apple Maps is far more intelligent in iOS 10, recommending possible stops along your current route, allowing plug-ins from third-party applications, and even remembering where you parked your car when you’re away from home. AppleInsider offers a closer look at how the update will change how you navigate.

The classic ‘Slide to Unlock’ iPhone gesture is gone from iOS 10 —
Pour out some pixels for the gesture that unlocked every iPhone for years: in iOS 10, Apple is getting rid of the gesture that unlocked iPhones since the very first model, back in 2007. Slide to Unlock got audible gasps of amazement at the original iPhone’s unveiling, and it’s been a constant ever since. In iOS 10, all you will do is press the home button to be presented with the passcode-entry screen (or your home screen if you don’t use a passcode, which you reeeeeeally should).

Squarespace adds the ability to publish content in the Apple News Format — Squarespace, the  content management system/website builder/blogging platform/hosting service, says that, as of today, it’s the only platform to have built an Apple News integration directly with Apple. Customers can publish their content in Apple News Format directly from their Squarespace blog.

Credit Suisse predicts Apple stock ‘super cycle’ on strength of all-glass 2017 iPhone — Analysts on Wall Street are increasingly expecting an incremental iPhone hardware update this year, which has led some to turn their sights to a rumoured 2017 handset revamp in hopes of pushing Apple stock to new heights.

watchOS 3 is Apple’s most crowdsourced product ever — Ever since it made its debut alongside the iPhone 6, Apple Watch has been fighting for respect. Branded a failure from virtually the day it was released, Apple’s first wearable has faced more scrutiny and criticism than any other new product in its history. Even more than the iPod Hi-Fi, price and unrealistic expectations overshadowed the things it did particularly well, and many weren’t willing or able to give it the room it needed to grow. Barely a year into the product’s existence, Apple is rebooting watchOS, dumping key features, reimagining others and dramatically changing the way we implement and interact with it. On its website, Apple says it “Feels like a whole new watch,” and it’s hard to argue that point.