More iOS 10 details, RAW support for photographers, watchOS 3, steel charge cables

9Image from Apple Insiders iOS 10 Messages video)
9Image from Apple Insider’s iOS 10 Messages video)

Inside iOS 10: more details — After a bruising battle with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a contentious debate over encryption in the wake of the San Bernadino terrorist shooting, Apple is doubling down on privacy protection by researching cutting-edge privacy techniques for iOS 10, allowing advanced new features while protecting user data.
Apple Maps will remember where you parked your car: forgetting where you parked could soon be an issue of the past, thanks to a new feature in Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 that automatically remembers where your car is located. [Meanwhile, the app Tuture already does this.]
When 3D Touch launched
alongside iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s, part of the promise was quick shortcuts to some of the most used functions in apps. With iOS 10, people may sometimes be able to skip opening apps entirely.
Upgraded QuickType wields ‘Siri intelligence’ for contextual suggestions: Apple’s forthcoming iOS 10 update will feature enhanced QuickType keyboard recommendations, which will now go beyond suggesting the next best word to write, and will intelligently recommend dates, locations, contacts and more.
See Apple’s overhauled iOS 10 Messages with expressive text bubbles, animations & more in this  AppleInsider video: perhaps the biggest overhaul in Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 can be seen in the Messages app, which will add the ability to send drawings, change message bubbles, replace words with emoji, use stickers, integrate third-party apps, and much more [it’s really worth a look].
And Apple’s iOS 10 makes iPad a ‘Home Hub‘ by expanding HomeKit appliance support.

Apple Will Support RAW Photo Files in iOS 10 (for professionals) — Apple is taking a significant step towards making iPhone a(n even more) serious camera for professionals in iOS 10 by adding support for RAW photo files. The information was included in a slide during Monday’s World Wide Developer Conference keynote, and TechCrunch reported details from a WWDC session confirming RAW support in iOS 10.

Apple Watch gets improved glance-ability with new complications, watch faces — In refining the Apple Watch experience with watchOS 3, Apple is focussed on making information and functionality as quickly accessible as possible. It accomplishes that in a number of key ways, including a variety of new watch faces and complications.

Deal on steel charging cables — At Apple World Today, [Fuse]Chicken, the company that makes products (Bobine, Armour, Blackout and Titan) that use steel shielding to create incredibly strong and tangle-free charging cables, has three deals today: Armour Charge 2-meter Steel Charging Cable for US$32.95 (regularly US$44.95), the Armour Travel Charging Keychain for $29.99 (normally US$39.95), and the Armour Loop Charging iOS Cable for $19.95 (usually US$29.95).


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