Two-factor authentication, 8-Bit shots, 100s of used iPhones, iPad travel, Apple TV sales

BitCam lets you shoot in retro dither patterns.
BitCam lets you shoot in retro dither patterns.

Security Basics: if a service offers Two-Factor Authentication, use it — Twitter announced this week it was aware some Twitter login credentials are circulating on the Dark Web, and Mark Zuckerberg infamously had some of his (mostly unused) social media accounts hacked. That makes for a perfect segue for some basic security advice: if a website, service, or app offers two-factor authentication, use it. Two factor authentication means that logging requires two forms of verification (it’s also sometimes referred to as two-factor verification). It’s the digital equivalent of needing, say, your birth certificate and a driver’s license to get a passport.

Turn your iPhone into an 8-bit camera with BitCam — If you want to snap some awesome retro, dithered black and white photos with your iPhone, The IconFactory’s BitCam lets you do just that in a totally rad Mac System 6-styled interface. It’s got big, chunky buttons, standard and super-res 8-bit photo resolutions, and you can even upgrade to a ‘colour graphics card’ for a little money. [Be prepared for some annoyingly intrusive ads, though. There’s also a video version for NZ$2.99.]

Apple needs a reuse plan for 100s of millions of old iPhones — As Apple prepares to show off its latest iOS 10 at Monday’s Worldwide Developer Conference, it faces a purported threat of Peak iPhone sales, potentially complicated by a lengthening replacement cycle for new smartphones. But there’s also another problem: how to recycle or otherwise manage the increasingly large volume of old iPhones it has already sold? The problem itself could offer a solution: a second life for old iPhones.

Must-have apps for the iPad road warrior — We’re not going to tell you how to get your work done. But with good VPN, screen-sharing, and time-management apps on your iPad, you’ll be prepared to tackle any task.

Apple TV sells 1.7 million units during the first quarter of 2016 — For all its early momentum, Chromecast had been unable to out ship the Apple TV. This finally changed during the first quarter of 2016 with Apple TV shipping 1.7 million units compared to Google pushing 3.2 million Chromecasts to market, according to the Connected Device Market Monitor. from the IHS research group.