Bigger cut for devs, Microsoft iOS party, Hey Siri calls ambulance, wearable dissatisfaction, data protection

AppStrApple announces it will offer App Store subscriptions to all apps, take smaller 15% cut — In the near future, Apple will be shifting to a new revenue sharing model for apps — one that more heavily favours subscription services than one-time or in-app purchases, marketing head Phil Schiller revealed on Wednesday. The company also plans to begin allowing search ads in the App Store this fall.

iOS developers snap up tickets for Microsoft’s WWDC Party — Microsoft is getting in on Apple’s WWDC action with a major party on Monday, June 13th. The company announced the shindig on behalf of itself and Xamarin, a Microsoft-owned company that provides development tools to iOS, Android, and Windows, and all tickets were snapped up in hours. [The two company’s engineering teams have always been closer than the media would have you believe/]

Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ helps mom call ambulance, saves life of baby — Siri is expected to gain volumes of new skills if and when Apple releases a rumoured software development kit, but it was the virtual assistant’s existing abilities that recently proved critical in preserving the life of a baby girl.

Ericsson survey finds one-fourth of wearable users are dissatisfied with their device — Respondents to a survey said one of the reasons they don’t want a smartwatch, such as the Apple Watch, is that it must be paired via Bluetooth to an iPhone. About 10% of all users of wearables had abandoned their devices; one-third of these within two weeks of purchase.

Apple World Today 60-Second Video Tip: enabling data protection in iOS — What would happen to all of your personal information if your iPhone was lost or stolen? If you don’t have Touch ID or aren’t using it, someone could guess a passcode to break in. In this Apple World Today 60-second Video Tip, they show you how to enable a setting that will erase your iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts.


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