Five Tip Friday ~ Safari on Mac (and one for iOS)


1/ Restore Safari bookmarks from iCloud backups — Apple recently added a way to restore your synced bookmarks. Visit, log in with your Apple ID (the email address you have associated with iCloud and your iCloud/iTunes/App Store password), and open the Settings option.
Scroll to the very bottom of the page, which is where you’ll find all of your restoring options. Click Restore Bookmarks, you’ll see what archives are available for recovery. Pay attention to the caveats it gives you, too (note this will replace ALL of your bookmarks — you can’t do any individual folders or links).

2/ Reader View — When you visit sites that this Safari feature can work with, a little icon with lines appears in the left corner of the Smart Search bar. Click that icon (or press Command-Shift-R, for View>Show Reader) to be taken to a clutter-free version of the site – it strips out things like ads – great for reading articles without distractions.



3/ Customise Reader View — Reader view in Safari has become customisable in El Capitan. You can make this view look exactly how you want it to, as well. To do that, click on the icon on the right of the Smart Search bar when you’ve got a Reader page open. Now you can make text bigger or smaller (or change the font entirely) or switch up the colour of the background. When you’re finished with your article and want to exit Reader view, press Escape, use the Reader shortcut I mentioned above again, or click the “lines” icon at the top.

4/ This feature is in iOS 9, too — Follow the same steps as above: if you see the ‘lines’ icon appear in the search bar, tap it to switch to Reader view. Then you can use the same icon on the right to adjust the Reader View settings. Leave this view on iOS by tapping the Reader icon again.

5/ Sort bookmarks  alphabetically in Safari for Mac — The more bookmarks you save, the harder it is to find what you’re looking for since they’re sorted chronologically, and to change the order, you have to manually sort them yourself which is really tedious. There has never been a way to sort them alphabetically in Safari itself, but there are two ways: one is where you drag the folder to the desktop – although the process is slightly different now– and the other is with a nifty bit of software (much easier).
within Safari, start by displaying your bookmarks in Safari (Bookmarks>Show Bookmarks). Click the Edit button at the bottom of the list. Drag them all to a folder in the Finder; make sure you don’t select Bookmarks Menu, or you won’t be able to drag the bookmarks. Display that folder in List view (View>As List, in the Finder), and then click the Name header to sort the files by name.
Next, move up a level in the Finder (press Command-up-arrow), and drag that folder onto the bookmark list in Safari. All your bookmarks will be added to the Bookmarks list, in that folder, You can delete the originals, then move the bookmarks out of the folder to the Bookmarks Menu, or to your Favorites. This is a lot of work for something that should be pretty simple.
Easier, much easier – the free SafariSort app, which sorts your bookmarks alphabetically, or in alphabetical order with all your bookmark folders on top of the list. It’s fast and simple, and if you like having bookmarks in order, just run it regularly.


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