Siri and VocalIQ, iPhone no Blackberry, iPhone 7 rumour, rise of Apple TV

(Image from Apple's Siri page)
(Image from Apple’s Siri page)

VocalIQ may be Apple’s key to keeping Siri relevant — Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are getting closer to the goal of complex natural spoken language interaction with computers while Apple’s Siri seems to be lagging behind. But Apple may be in a position to leapfrog its competitors thanks to last year’s VocalIQ purchase. That’s assuming Apple can pull this off without without invading our privacy to mine personal data. [I’ve always been really impressed with Siri, but I’ve never used it in real life except to show it to people.]

Apple’s iPhone is no Blackberry: a closer look at AI and the world’s biggest company — Last week, developer Marco Arment suggested in a blog posting that if Apple was to fail to grasp the potential for voice-based Artificial Intelligence to change the nature of smartphone demand, the company’s core revenue generator could suffer the same fate as RIM’s Blackberry, which a decade prior had similarly failed to see the importance of iPhone’s advanced multitouch experience until it was too late to do anything about it. Daniel Eran Dilger  disagrees.

iPhone 7 rumour churn: say goodbye to 16GB model — The new iPhone doesn’t come out until September, but that won’t stop the rumour mill churning at a furious pace. One of the more believable is that the 16GB model will disappear, since that amount of storage is barely enough any more.

The Apple TV shoots from ninth to third place in global set-top box sales — Apple TV sales have propelled Apple into third place for global set-top box popularity in 2015, based on revenue, according to IHS, Inc. That’s up from ninth place in 2014, according to the research group.


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