iPhone SE, taking charge of Camera Roll, Apple Pay expansion, Apple TV and Amazon Echo

(Image from the Forbes article)
(Image from the Forbes article video)

iPhone SE: Less is the New More — Apple introduced the iPhone SE earlier this year and Bob LeVitus been testing a 64GB model for the past couple of months. It looks like an iPhone 5 or 5s from the outside, but  inside is thoroughly modern based on the iPhone 6s.
Apple calls it, “the most powerful phone with a 4-inch display”. Its 64-bit A9 processor makes it up to three times faster than an iPhone 5s, and its integrated M9 motion coprocessor lets you use more features with less drain on the battery. Meanwhile this Forbes article compares it to a 6s; the video is worth a look.

iPhone app takes intelligent charge of your Camera Roll — EyeEm’s free app rates, ranks, and tags your photos so you don’t have to. The Roll (free on the iTunes Store) is designed to save you time and effort by automating the curation and organisation of all the photos in your Camera Roll from scanning and tagging to quantitative quality ranking. The Roll offers a helping hand in deciding which ones to keep and ditch. The best photo, according to the app’s proprietary algorithm, always lands on top of the stack of similar ones, each accompanied by an “aesthetic score” of between 0 and 100 to help you select which photos to share and also to lose.

Apple eyes Apple Pay expansion into Asia and Europe, looks to roll out in ‘every significant market’ — Addressing this week’s Apple Pay expansion in Singapore, segment vice president Jennifer Bailey said Apple is “working rapidly” to deploy the payments platform in Asia and Europe on the way to launching in every major market the company’s products are sold. [Australia has it with ANZ so New Zealand seems like it should be easy enough.]

Updated Apple TV may form foundation of Siri-based Amazon Echo competitor — While Apple is indeed said to be working on competition for Amazon’s Echo voice assistant, it should come in the form of an upgraded Apple TV instead of a separate speaker-like device, a report claimed last Thursday.