Store has car doors, new Betas, 89% off lifetime VPN


Apple may turn its Stores into car showrooms — The massive sliding doors on Apple’s redesigned Union Square San Francisco retail store create a 12.19-metre opening is more than big enough to drive a car through. Sure, it makes for a great open air experience when shopping, but maybe it’s a hint Apple plans to use its new store design to show off its own car.
There’s plenty of space inside the two-story retail flagship to showcase a car, and considering Apple’s obsessive drive to control the retail experience its own stores will be the perfect venue. Seeing the doors in action is pretty cool, and once they’re moving it feels like driving a car into that space is exactly what Apple had in mind. Check out Wired’s video showing the door in motional the link above.

Apple drops new betas for OS X 10.11.6 (and iOS 9.3.3, and tvOS 9.2.2) — Apple has released previews of the next iterations of OS X, iOS, and tvOS, handing out beta versions of its popular desktop, mobile, and set-top box operating systems to registered developers.

ProXPN VPN Lifetime Subscription 89% off — For true Internet safety and privacy, there’s probably nothing better to use than a virtual private network (VPN). Think of a VPN as a highly secure encrypted tunnel through which your data travels; nobody can ‘sniff’ unencrypted data from your Mac or iPad when you’re using public Wi-Fi, and if you’re being blocked from visiting a site because you’re in the “wrong country,” VPNs can be used to get around the geo-blocking. For the next few days, the Apple World Today Deal Shop has a big deal for you – a lifetime premium subscription to ProXPN VPN for just US$39.


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