Angry Birds ranked, Dragon Anywhere dictation app, making space on iPhone, BMWs with CarPlay


All 16 Angry Birds games ranked — Angry Birds maker Rovio long boasted about its ambitions to become the next Disney, and now that goal has kinda-sorta come to fruition: The Angry Birds Movie is playing on thousands of screens around the globe. Macworld ranks all the games in a slideshow.

Dragon Anywhere review — Even though Dragon Anywhere can only take dictation inside its own app, it works better than Siri, especially for long chunks of text. Siri dictation works across iOS, but it’s best for short bursts, since it times out after 40 seconds. For more powerful dictation complete with voice commands, Dragon Anywhere offers a great experience.

How to free up space on your iPhone without deleting photos or apps — Running out of space on your iPhone can be extremely frustrating. Whether you’re looking to install a cool app recommended by friends or want to add to your photo collection, being limited by a lack of space is exasperating to say the least. Instead of deleting files and apps, though, there are a few simple ways to free up space on your iPhone to make room for new data.

First BMW vehicles with Apple’s CarPlay coming later in 2016 — BMW, one of the few major automakers without support for Apple’s CarPlay, should finally begin offering the technology later this year through two new vehicles, according to an official pricelist.


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