Privacy while globetrotting, health devices that communicate with your doctor


Privacy-Minded Globetrotters, this is a new way to safely navigate on public Wi-Fi — If you’re travelling and visiting a different café each day, you most likely rely on free Wi-Fi networks to stay connected with the world, run your business or simply post vacation selfies. Bitdefender BOX is an integrated home cybersecurity solution designed for breakthrough IoT devices, but it also secures computers, tablets and smartphones. Using the embedded Private Line feature, BOX secures your online activities on any Wi-Fi network, even unsafe ones. Your communication is encrypted and scanned for threats using Local Protection. It’s currently US$99 instead of US$199 for the yearly subscription (the box itself is free) but t’s only available in the US).

Qardio’s smart medical devices will now share data with your doctor — The future of health care is wearable devices that transmit our vitals to our physicians. Instead of self-reported data, which is often inaccurate (no offense, but our memory is often not that great), doctors will have real numbers to form the basis for diagnoses and treatment plans. In the wake of Apple’s CareKit launch, connected medical device maker Qardio is launching a platform to share health data from its hardware with your doctor.