Taylor Swift, App Store approvals speed up, Android performance lag, DeskConnect 1.2, exporting Health data, smart home progress, Angry Birds Action


Taylor Swift dances on furniture to promote Apple Music — Taylor Swift has a new commercial out for Apple Music. Apple hasn’t posted it to YouTube as of this writing, but Swift posted it to Twitter. In the spot, she revels in having a quiet night alone and proceeds to dance on furniture while singing along to The Darkness’s A Thing Called Love. The spot ends with the tagline “Dance like no one’s watching.” [Or is she promoting furniture?]

Apple’s approval time for new App Store submissions sees a speed-up  — Apple has cut the approval time for new submissions to its App Store from more than a week to less than two days, part of a broader push to increase revenue from services including mobile applications, according to Bloomberg — citing data from AppReviewTimes.com, which analyzes user-submitted data.

Android device performance lags behind iOS — Android devices are no match for their iOS counterparts when it comes to device performance, according to the Q1 2016 State of Mobile Device Performance and Health report released by Blancco Technology Group.

DeskConnect 1.2 review: file transfer app rises from the digital scrapheap better than ever — DeskConnect launched in 2013, when Apple’s mobile landscape looked very different. Even with the release of iOS 7 just around the corner, file-sharing was still a clunky, complex process, with Airdrop limited to like platforms and iCloud Drive still a year away. The DeskConnect app might have been a workaround, but it was the kind of solution many were looking for. But as AirDrop [which still only works 50% of the time for me] and iCloud Drive matured, DeskConnect failed to keep up.
Now a surprise update has given the free cross-platform file sharer a new lease of life, and its modern features and streamlined interface are worth dusting off the digital dust and dragging it back onto your main home screen. It’s on the iTunes and Mac App Stores.

60-Second Video Tip: exporting data from Apple’s Health app — You have your Apple Watch, your Withings connected scale, your Qardio blood pressure cuff, and a number of other devices and apps to capture your health data. At some point, you may need to share years of information with a healthcare professional or trainer, and this video will show you two ways of doing that.

Apple smart home invention uses pattern recognition to solve multi-user dwelling issues — An Apple patent application revealed Thursday outlines plans for an automated smart home system that tracks individual users through their connected devices, detects common patterns and compiles events for triggering thermostats, lights, door locks and more.

Angry Birds Action! delivers little Angry Birds satisfaction — 
The flinging favourite charts an uneven new course as the series hits the big screen.