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Apple tops Forbes’ most valuable brands list (again) — Apple has topped Forbes’ list of the most valuable global brands for the sixth straight time. The company has a value of $154.1 billion, 87% more than second-ranked Google.

Lower MacBook sales push Apple down to sixth place in laptop marketshare — A drop in MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air shipments year-over-year likewise resulted in Apple losing share in the world’s declining laptop market, according to March-quarter research data. Apple is now sixth. [It’s possible, if there’s a major MacBook Pro refresh in June, things will turn around.]

Complete 2016 Learn to Code Bundle discounted — The Complete 2016 Learn to Code Bundle features 8 courses with more than 100 hours of training for only US$59 (about NZ$86).

Secure your written works with SecureWords for Mac OS X — You secure/encrypt your emails, our chats, and journals (or at least you should). If you need a secure word processing app for your articles and thoughts, SecureWords for Mac OS X is worth a look.
It’s a tool that automatically encrypts and decrypts text documents so you can, for instance, store them on iCloud or in Dropbox without having to worry about prying eyes seeing them. SecureWords is a lean tool that can handle RTF, OpenOffice, and Word documents.

Messaging service WhatsApp launches desktop app for Mac — Popular messaging service WhatsApp has debuted its first native desktop client for Mac, introducing users to yet another comprehensive multi-platform solution that will compete with Apple’s own Messages product, and that’s also secure [as is Messages, if both users are in wifi networks when they communicate – ie, the messages are blue not green].

Corel AfterShot Pro 3 update sharpens competition with Adobe’s Lightroom photo manager — The new version of the photo editing and management system adds features for enthusiasts and pros.