Android ahead in sales and instability, Instagram makeover, bots, Apple Watch polarises + Pebble, Boom for iOS improves audio quality


Android the king of marketshare and crashes — The latest smartphone operating system data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech for the three months ending March 2016 shows Android continuing to grow sales across the EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom), the US, and Urban China. This growth comes at the expense of iOS. This is despite Android’s instability: based on diagnostics tests run on ‘millions’ of Android and iPhone units, the Q1 failure rates for those platforms were 44% for Android and 25% for iOS, Blancco Technology Group said. The tests were run using Blancco’s SmartChk platform. [Price is what people care about more, or is it features?]

Instagram gets a new app icon and makeover — The Instagram app has been begging for a redesign for quite some time, and today the photoblogging app showed up with an update featuring a new app icon and a UI makeover. The following video provides a fun (but probably quite fictional) look at the process behind the design of the icon.

10 bot helpers you can try now — Bots have progressed in the last decade from simply playing games and answering silly questions to big business. Indeed, bots are jockeying to fulfill our every whim, from helping with purchasing decisions, to providing transit directions and airline check-ins, to serving up news that matches our interests. Check out the Macworld slideshow – but most of these will only work well outside New Zealand.

MBLM’s one-year study: the Apple Watch polarises users — MBLM, a “brand intimacy agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology” [God help us] says its one-year study shows that the Apple Watch is polarising users. Meanwhile, Pebble’s smartwatch is quietly becoming a better device.

Boom makes an iOS app, 40% off in-apps (introductory) — If you haven’t enjoyed the sound your Mac makes, you may have installed Boom [as I did] to get way better sound quality. Now there’s an iOS version, with Boom’s unique 3D Sound, Audio Intensity & Equalizers for an immersive virtual surround sound experience that works on any headphone setup. It’s a free app, but the in-app purchases are 40% off for a limited time. [It’s so good on Mac – there’s a free trial – I’ll have to try it.]


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