Apple Watch multilingual, Captain America, loads of tips for Apple TV


Apple Watch iMessage canned responses are automatically multilingual — Did you know iMessages on your Apple Watch can be multilingual? If you get an iMessage in a language other than your primary language on your Apple Watch, the canned responses when you hit ‘Reply’ are automatically in that same language, if that language is supported. Bryan Chaffin shows you how it works.

Apps for Captain America — Captain America: Civil War hits theaters this weekend, and with so many huge heroes battling it out, it’s sure to be a blast. But you can get the fun started early with these 10 apps and games, many of which have Civil War-themed gameplay or offer Civil War comics to read right on your phone or tablet. Pick a side and then pick a game—or just grab them all, as they’re free downloads.

30 must-know secrets and shortcuts for your Apple TV — After installing your favorite streaming apps and playing some of the games designed just for tvOS on your Apple TV, you’re probably wondering what else this set-top box can do.
There are a slew of under-the-radar features that let you customize your TV to your heart’s content and make it much easier to use. Apple just released tvOS 9.2, which baked a ton of functionality into the device (including some features from older TV models).
Here are 30 tips and tricks to make the most out of your fourth-generation Apple TV.


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