Apple Music doesn’t delete (and discount), MacBook vs MacBook, Podcast input, Microsoft cuts cloud, using AirDrop, Apple Mail enhancer, Cook travels, saving money, lost passwords

Image from Mac Observer
Image from Mac Observer

Apple Music doesn’t delete songs, and 50% student discount — Apple music services may be a little confusing, but in no way is the company interested in getting rid of your music library. And good news, students! Apple Music’s monthly subscription is now half off for you as long as you are enrolled in an eligible university or college, if you’re signing up for the first time or already paying for the streaming music service. New users just need to sign up. Current subscribers need to change their status in Apple Music’s account settings. But iTunes Connect is getting neglected.

Apple’s 2016 MacBook vs. 2015 13″ MacBook Air in head-to-head comparison — Apple’s latest 12-inch MacBook refresh brings better battery life and a faster processor to the ultraportable platform, but in some respects is outperformed by last year’s 13-inch MacBook Air. Is the ultimate in portability worth concessions like a single USB-C port and slower CPU? Find out in AppleInsider’s head-to-head comparison.

Apple seeks input from top podcasters as it weighs future of medium — In an attempt to address, and potentially assuage, long-standing concerns over podcast monetisation, data and other perceived platform issues, Apple employees and top brass late last month met with leading podcast publishers at the company’s Cupertino, California headquarters. [I LOVE podcasts!] 

Microsoft begins warning users it will cut free OneDrive storage to 5GB, matching Apple’s iCloud — Microsoft is sending out email alerts to OneDrive customers, warning people with free 15-gigabyte accounts that their storage will shrink to 5 gigabytes on August 10, assuming they didn’t previously opt into keeping the higher amount.

How to use AirDrop, no WiFi network required — AirDrop is an easy way [when it works!] to share photos and other files between your iOS devices and Macs once you enable the feature. Bonus: you don’t need a WiFi network to use it. Watch The Mac Observer’s video tip to learn how.

MailButler adds some helpful ‘power’ features to OS X Mail — Some folks don’t like OS X Mail, saying it doesn’t have enough ‘power’ features [True, but a lot of the people who say that don’t use power features anyway – Mail serves me very well and I have many email accounts running in it] . Likewise, Dennis Sellers is a regular, and satisfied, user of the Apple app, but has found you can beef it up with MailButler, the Apple Mail assistant by Feingeist Software GmbH. It simplifies, optimizes and streamlines working with emails.

Tim Cook to visit Beijing, Europe later this month, and costly dinner for human rights — Apple CEO Tim Cook will visit Beijing later this month to meet high-level government officials, reports Reuters. He plans to meet senior government and Communist Party leaders – including officials in charge of propaganda, the article adds, quoting an unnamed source “who declined to be named as the plan is not public yet.” The Apple CEO will also be one of several speakers appearing later this month at Startup Fest Europe, an event in Amsterdam intended to spur the growh of startup businesses.
Apple CEO Tim Cook’s latest charity auction closed on Thursday, with the winning bid raising$515,000 for the Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights. [This is where you pay a fortune to have dinner with a man who earns a fortune so some money can go to a ‘good cause’, as presumably some wealthy people need to get something out of it themselves before allowing any of their wealth to be used for anything useful, even if it is only lunch with a CEO somewhere. Crazy? Or is it just me?]

How to save money on subscriptions to Netflix, Pandora and other services — By getting discounted iTunes Gift Cards you can save money on your iTunes Stores and App Store purchases (and TV show and movie rentals), but you can also use it to save money on many subscriptions, including Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, HBO, Hulu, and even Apple Music, not to mention subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, as Bryan Chaffin explains.

Figuring out forgotten passwords in OS X — If you forget the password for a service you use or for something like an email address or Wi-Fi network, there are a couple of places you could check to see if your Mac recorded that information for you, and Melissa Holt also recommends a password manager [I don’t].


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  1. re Password Managers – in general. Mark, you say you don’t use a password manager? How do you cope with large numbers of unique ( you use different passwords, right ) passwords? Personally, I’m locked into 1Password – I’d be locked out without it. I’m VERY curious how you deal with passwords – the bane of our connected lives.


    1. I have a little SDXC card with a document on them with all the passwords as a backup. Other than that, I trust Keychain and Safari’s guardianship. I always think, if anything goes wrong with say 1Password, what then?


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