New free iBook details a love for designer T-shirts


Check out this beautiful iBook for free — At CreativeTech, we have struggled to get people to look properly at the iBooks platform even though it’s already on every Mac, iPad and iPhone. It’s there, but when people think ‘book’ they tend to then think ‘Kindle’. Unfortunately.

I say ‘unfortunately’ as Apple’s iBooks platform offers all sorts of really cool features, including support for sound files, video, detailed high-definition image inspection, synching across devices, notes, highlighting, speech …

Paul Luker, my partner in CreativeTech Publishing, has just published a homage to the t-shirts he loves. We have released this book entirely free. All you need to do is click this link, and when you’re taken to the iBooks Store, click ‘Get’ and it will download for you to enjoy at your leisure.

ShirtyThumbWe urge you to try this out. Also, please tell your friends – it’s available in 51 countries, and free in all of them. How often do you get the opportunity for free stuff this good?

Of course, our ulterior motive is to get you interested in, and using, iBooks in general, particularly the ‘Made for iBooks’ titles that CreativeTech specialises in. To see any of our other books, just search on ‘creative tech’ (all one word) in the iBooks Store.

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