Apple no. 9, no more free Windows, Cupertino tax, Twitter for Mac, Accessibility, Git patch, Mac menu bar

Apple has added an Accessibility destine to its online Store.
Apple has added an Accessibility section to its online Store.

Apple is number nine on Indeed’s list of the top companies to work for — Indeed has announced its list of the 50 top companies to work for, curated from the job site’s company reviews. Apple is number nine on the list.
Cloud company Salesforce, known for disrupting the software-as-a-service (SaaS) space, took the top spot. The top 10, in descending order, are Southwest Airlines, Anadarko Petroleum Corp, Pioneer Natural Resources, Phillip Morris International, Google, the JM Smucker Company [!], Eli Lilly, Apple, then EOG Resources.

Microsoft to end free Windows 10 upgrades on July 29 — In what could be described as a somewhat surprising move given the company’s proclivity for indecision, Microsoft on Thursday announced it would stick to the plan announced last year and begin charging for Windows upgrades this July.

Cupertino mayor accuses Apple, responsible for nearly 20% of the city’s tax revenue, of not paying enough — The city of Cupertino, California, which is economically dependent on Apple – is reportedly embroiled in a conflict over how it should fund the transport infrastructure needed to deal with congestion created by Apple and other businesses in the area.

Twitter for Mac catches up with iOS & Web with Moments, polls & more — Twitter released an important update to its official Mac client on Wednesday, finally bringing the software’s features closer to par with iOS and the Web.

Apple adds accessibility accessories category to its online store — Apple has now added a dedicated accessibility accessories category to its online store, as noted by Amvsement. Categories include vision, physical & motor skills, and learning & literacy. It’s in the NZ store too.

Apple patches vulnerable OS X Git version that put developers at risk — Apple has released a new version of its Xcode development tool in order to patch two critical vulnerabilities in the Git source code management client. [NB this only affects developers using Xcode, not general Mac users.]

The power of OS X’s menu bar — It’s always there and it’s often overlooked, but the menu bar is a very useful part of the Mac operating system.


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