ADATA connectibles, celeb apps, China trademark, iPads are the new iPods, smart Apple Watch game

Hope these make it to New Zealand!
Hope these make it to New Zealand!

ADATA launches line of certified accessories for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac — ADATA Technology has launched an Apple Series of connectibles in North America. The accessories are designed specifically for iOS and OS X devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac. The initial five products are: the Lightning card reader, i-Memory flash drive UE710, i-Memory storage expansion card, USB type-C OTG flash drive, and Lightning cables.

Famous people have app ideas, too … and sometimes they’re brilliant — From Tom Hanks to Snoop Dogg, here’s what happens when famous people make an iOS app MacWorld can’t help but love.

Apple loses exclusive rights to ‘iPhone’ trademark for non-smartphone products in China — Adding to the company’s problems in the region, Apple has lost exclusivity on the use of the “iPhone” trademark in China, and must now share it with Beijing-based leather products maker Xintong Tiandi Technology, reports said on Tuesday.

DM Martins Research: iPads are the new iPods — The iPad is the new iPod – but with an even shorter life span, according to DM Martins Research. In fact, the tablet (and tablets in general) is a fast-declining product category that “most Apple analysts and investors don’t even seem to care too much about anymore,” adds the firm.

Apple’s Tim Cook is playing a very smart game With Apple Watch — The scuttlebutt on the internet is that the Apple Watch isn’t selling very well. Add to that the voices of some people who haven’t taken a liking to the Apple Watch, and one might fall into the trap of thinking that it’s a failure. But it isn’t, and Apple’s wise choice to not reveal sales numbers and roll it out slowly is turning out to be incredibly clever. [Or at least, that’s what John Martellaro thinks.]


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