Mac OS market share, MacBook speeds, Scrivener 50%, Apple ID, 10 Mac games, location shares

The new MacBook shows marginal speed improvements
The new MacBook shows marginal speed improvements except in Final Cut, which showed dramatic improvements (but who would edit in Final Cut on a MacBook?)

NetMarketShare: OS X up substantially in April, while iOS dips again — According to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare, the market share for Mac OS X rose in April, while that of iOS dipped.

Watch: Apple’s 2016 MacBook vs. 2015 MacBook in speed test comparison — Apple was able to squeeze out an extra hour of battery life and modest performance gains from its second-generation 12-inch MacBook, but is that enough to warrant an upgrade from the 2015 model? Find out in AppleInsider’s head-to-head video.

Scrivener 2 has 50% off in the Deals Shop today and tomorrow — Anyone thinking about writing a novel should looks at ‘the best Mac app for writing novels and scripts’. Scrivener 2, is on sale for 50% off. That means you get Scrivener 2 for just US$22.50 instead of the usual US$45.

What to do when OS X asks for an old Apple ID — Stop prompts on a hand-me-down computers from asking for a different Apple ID.

10 Mac games — The list includes a game about the Iranian Revolution from 1979, a wild four-player side-scrolling runner in which anything goes, and a soothing game about swinging through ancient ruins on a grappling hook.

Control when and how your Web browser shares your location —
Safari, Firefox, and Chrome can give out your whereabouts, but you can prefer to not opt in.


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