Mothers Day, Baby Day, Maps gets Rio, court orders thumbprint, iOS market share


Latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad uses Mother’s Day to get emotional impact — Apple has released a new TV commercial, making use of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday to further its “Shot on iPhone” marketing campaign, and here are some iOS apps for Baby Day – Really, there is such a thing.

Apple Maps adds public transit directions for Rio de Janeiro in prep for 2016 Summer Olympics — People in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro can now access public transit directions through Apple Maps, an addition presumably geared towards the 2016 Summer Olympics, which start on August 5.

Court orders woman to use her fingerprint to unlock an iPhone — A Los Angeles court has okayed a warrant for the FBI to force a woman to unlock an iPhone equipped with Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint technology, reports the Los Angeles Times.

iOS market share — iOS had 28.62% of the mobile operating system market share in April, down from 32.28% in March. This compares to 61.8% for Android, 3.96% for Windows Phone, and 2.1% for Java ME. The all-time high for iOS was in July 2012 with 65.94%


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