iTunes turns 12, free browser, analyst questions, death at Apple HQ, Icahn’s China concerns

iTunes turns 12 (note the NZ99¢ rental at lower left – this changes weekly)
iTunes turns 12 (note the NZ99¢ rental at lower left – click the image for a larger view – the cheap movie rental changes weekly)

Happy 12th birthday, iTunes Store; now it’s time to split — Apple’s iTunes Store celebrates its 12th birthday today. It’s been a great 12 years, and iTunes on OS X has been a great success – but now, as many others have recommended, it’s time to split it up. “Apple should take a cue from the iOS interface when it comes to iTunes on Mac OS X and split iTunes into different apps. On iDevice interfaces, there are separate apps for Music, Video, App Store, iTunes U and Podcasts. Apple should make this happen on Mac OS X – though they might call the Music app ‘iTunes,’ as that makes sense.”

Vivaldi 1.0 review: free browser offers innovative ideas, but some are more polished than others — New browser adds clever new design elements but might take a toll on your CPU. The new browser from some of the creators of Opera blends appealing looks with clever innovations. You can get it from here.

Best and worst analyst questions from Apple’s Q2 2016 Conference Call — In every Apple earnings conference call with analysts, there’s a range of questions fielded from good to bad. Sometimes worse. And sometimes most of them are just bad. But in Tuesday’s call for Apple’s second fiscal quarter of 2016, two analysts stood out for Bryan Chaffin as those who asked both the best and and worst questions.

Sheriff says death of man in Apple HQ ‘isolated,’ no one else at risk — The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday afternoon that the death of a man inside Apple’s Infinite Loop headquarters earlier in the day was an “isolated incident,” and that no one else is at risk. The statement from the Sheriff puts to rest worries of a broader situation at Apple.

Citing concerns in China, activist investor Carl Icahn no longer owns shares of Apple — Billionaire Carl Icahn, who has used his financial clout to influence boardroom decisions at publicly traded companies, announced on Thursday that he no longer owns shares in Apple just days after the company announced its first revenue decline in over a decade. [Gosh, I’m sure he cares deeply about humanitarian issues …]


6 thoughts on “iTunes turns 12, free browser, analyst questions, death at Apple HQ, Icahn’s China concerns”

  1. Oh, I looked again. I have just seen the box with the documentaries 99c rentals. Was that what you meant? Not films?

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  2. I am looking at the very same page on iTunes is shown on your post, but I cannot see the 99 Cent rental icon anywhere. I have also looked in the rental section, and don’t see the either. Can you give any more guidance?

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