MagBytes 74 for April 2016

MB74Longer than usual as I was away in March and could not get connected reliably, this issue should make up for that with a lavish load of tips.

Download it in PDF form from this link – it looks a lot like this thumbnail at top left only it’s readable text and it’s linked up like crazy.

HERE’S THE LINK ———> Issue74Apr16
(Right-click or Control-click that to select where to download this file; if you just click or tap it, it will simply display in your browser. On iPad, hold your fingertip on the link for a few seconds to get options.)


2 thoughts on “MagBytes 74 for April 2016”

  1. Hello Mark, I need some help. With the new upgrade, my mouse and trackpad are not opening files and I can no longer attach files to emails using Outlook. I really need your advice.


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