Apple’s low results, millennial mindsets, 2016 MacBook reviewed, dead body, 30 free filters, MagBytes

There is some good news today – MacPhun's free filter set
There is some good news today – MacPhun’s free filter set

Apple released its quarterly results — Here’s the official statement here, and the feedback from all and sundry follows. Basically, Apple’s results are disappointing everywhere, with significant declines in some sales: Tim Cook is still optimistic after Apple’s growth stalled in Q2 2016 and the Mac Observer points out that the sky is not falling in; Apple services and ‘other products’ see significant growth and Wall Street remains optimistic about ‘iPhone 7’ & Apple’s 2017 after the Q2 declines; but even iPhone saw its first year over year decline; iPad sales have continued their drop; at least loads of Mac buyers are new to Mac, and over it all, IMD professor Howard Yu reckons Apple’s sales show the ‘importance of self-cannibalisation‘. It’s a fascinating insight.

Amazon, Apple ‘closely match’ the mindset of millennials — Forty-two percent of respondents in a FutureCasts survey said that Amazon matched millennial mindsets closely, followed by 37% for Apple and 31% for Netflix.

Review says Apple’s early 2016 12-inch MacBook is a welcome improvement, but won’t change any minds — Apple’s second-generation ultraportable 12-inch MacBook features some noteworthy internal improvements, including an extra hour of battery life and Intel’s latest Skylake processors, that make it a worthwhile update. But all of the major concessions of the 2015 model remain, making it unlikely this refresh will change anyone’s opinion on the divisive-yet-impressive notebook [ie, not powerful enough, too expensive, too limited in ports].

Dead body found at Apple’s Infinite Loop headquarters — An investigation is underway after a body was reportedly discovered at Apple’s Infinite Loop corporate headquarters in Cupertino. A recording of the initial dispatch call is said to point at a possible suicide in a conference room.

First Look at Macphun’s new Filters for Photos app works as an Apple Photos extension — Catch one-click fever as 30 new filters aim to make your snaps shine. The new, free filters [which I mentioned yesterday] run the gamut of vintage, black & white, color fantasy, cross process, oil painting, pen sketch, and more. You can apply filters in real time, mix and match filters, adjust the look, and even selectively paint on filter effects.

MagBytes tonight — It’s a very long issue – 19 pages instead of the usual 14 or so.