MacPhun Filters for Photos, Sculley on Jobs, recruiting slows, Skype for biz, Earnings down, infinite Dropbox


Free new Filters for Photos — Macphun has announced a new Mac app, Filters for Photos. This free app works standalone and also within Photos as an Extension, and gives users the ability to add 30 new filters to their photos in a single click. Filters for Photos integrates with the Photos for Mac user experience, and helps more people be creative with their photography, without spending anything. It’s is available as a free download now (ie, from April 27th).
ExtensionsOnce you’ve installed Filters and dragged the expanded App to your Applications folder, open Photos, select a photo, choose Edit and click Extensions down the bottom to turn them on. When you register with your email address you unlock 15 more filters.

The John Sculley Interview: Apple’s DNA, Walks With Steve Jobs and more — Bryan Chaffin interviewed former Apple CEO John Sculley on April 11th, “an insightful and enjoyable experience. While the interview was ostensibly centered around his 2014 book Moonshot! (on Amazon and iBooks), Mr Sculley also shared anecdotes about his time at Apple and experiences with the late Steve Jobs, some of which I hadn’t previously heard.”

Apple’s recruiting efforts reportedly slow down — Apple has been cutting contract recruiters in the past few weeks and dismissing some full-time recruiters as well, meaning the company’s recruiting efforts have slowed, reports VentureBeat, quoting an unnamed “source familiar with the matter.” In all, more than 100 people could be affected by the moves, the article adds.

Skype for Business finally makes its way to the Mac — Microsoft’s new business communication product is finally coming to the Mac after the company launched it for PC users last year.

Earnings call could be low — At 2 PM PT/5 PM ET today, Apple holds its Q2 2016 earnings call to announce how the company fared financially during the past three months. The news is not expected to be pretty – in fact, many analysts believe Apple could report its first quarterly revenue decline in well over a decade.

Infinite Dropbox — Today, Dropbox has taken the wraps off Project Infinite, which makes it possible for individuals or team members to “see” terabytes of files stored in the cloud as if they were stored locally, but not have to sync all of that data locally.


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