Peek and Pop, Japanese price cuts, Earth Day and Siri, Monet paintbrush, watchOS 2 SDK

Joy Factory's Monet stylus lets you paint on your iPad
Joy Factory’s Monet stylus lets you paint on your iPad

Apple Store app’s 3D Touch support expanded with Peek and Pop previews — In an update to its official Apple Store app on Thursday, Apple rolled out support for Peek and Pop 3D Touch gestures, a feature that lets users seamlessly preview products, images and other in-app assets.

Apple makes across-the-board cuts to Japanese iPhone prices — Apple on Friday instituted price drops across its entire Japanese iPhone lineup, typically slashing costs by about 10 percent, in what is reported to be a response to a fluctuating yen/dollar exchange rate.

Earth Day Video from Apple: ‘Ask Siri about Liam’ — Siri is, of course, Apple’s virtual assistant, and Liam is Apple’s recycling robot that helped the company recover 2204 pounds of gold in 2015. Siri asks Liam what he’s doing for Earth Day

iPad paintbrush — The Monet Stylus helps you unleash the artistic potential of your tablet or other touchscreen device. It’s designed to feel like a paintbrush in your hand, allowing you to produce sweeping brushstrokes as naturally as you would on a real canvas. It has a pressure-sensitive tip and a generous 165° writing angle. You can order this online, currently, with a discount.

watchOS apps for the App Store must be built with the watchOS 2 SDK starting June 1 — From June 1st, all new watchOS apps submitted to the App Store must be native apps built with the watchOS 2 SDK [software development kit] or later, according to a note on Apple’s developer website.


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