WWDC mystery missive, rescheduled earnings, MacBook, A-series chips, ransomeware, full-res


Apple’s mysterious WWDC 2016 announcement: What does it mean? For as long as Apple has designed creative invitations to its media events, geeks have treated them as the technical equivalent of a Rorschach test. What secret clues might Apple have hidden in the latest WWDC missive (above)?

Apple reschedules Q2 2016 earnings conference call to April 26 — In an update to its website on Wednesday, Apple quietly pushed back its quarterly earnings conference call for the second quarter of 2016 by one day to Tuesday, April 26.

Why we should be very pleased with Apple’s 2016 MacBook — On April 19th, Apple announced an update to the 2015 12-inch MacBook. But the extent of the update didn’t suit many observers. By some distorted logic, many didn’t know what to expect (except Skylake processors), but when they finally saw it, they were disappointed. Why is that? They should be pleased.

Little Final Cut team lands huge product — From an open creative space in East London, Trim Editing develops bold messaging for the biggest brands, including Audi, Nike, Adidas, Guinness, and Perrier. Their work has earned critical acclaim, highlighted by the ingenious interactive Honda spot The Other Side that won numerous awards including two Cannes Lions and the prestigious Creative Circle Gold of Golds.

Analyst reckons Apple’s A-series chips  are inevitable in Macs considering Apple’s security goals — If Apple truly wants to bring its security philosophy to its products in every part of the ecosystem, Apple will have to make A-series processors (ie, those in iPhones and iPads) for Macs, says Ben Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, in a piece posted to Tech.pinions.

Tool can block ransomware on Mac OS X, for now — A security researcher has created a free security tool that can detect attempts by ransomware programs to encrypt files on users’ Macs and then block them before they do a lot of damage.

How to force a full-resolution iCloud Photo Library download — 
The way to get a full-resolution image isn’t obvious; here’s how it’s done. [Don’t do this lightly if you have a NZ broadband data cap.]


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