7nm chip tech, Apple Pay for Singapore, Viber to encrypt, Siri lawsuit settled


Apple chip supplier TSMC says 7nm tech entering mass production in first half of 2018 — One of Apple’s primary chip manufacturers, TSMC, confirmed in a Tuesday report to shareholders that it plans to trial 7-nanometer production in the first half of next year, working towards mass production in the first half of 2018. [This means faster, smaller, leaner chips, power-wise.]

Apple Pay goes live in Singapore with American Express integration, Visa coming soon — Apple has added Singapore to a growing list of locales that offer support for Apple Pay, with customers in the region now able to conduct touchless transactions and in-app purchases thanks to American Express integration.

Viber joins WhatsApp and Apple with end-to-end message encryption — Viber is adding end-to-end encryption for its users globally over the next two weeks.

Apple to settle Siri patent lawsuit for $24.9 million — Siri not only let on when WWDC was this year before the official announcement, it also got Apple in trouble with the law. Back in October of 2012, a company called Marathon Patent Group and its licensee Dynamic Advances sued Apple for allegedly violating a patent – ‘Natural language interface using constrained dictionary of results’ – with Siri. Dynamic Advances announced today it is settling the lawsuit with Apple for US$24.9 million.