Siri on WWDC, environmental gold, Japanese earthquakes and iPhone production


Siri tips WWDC dates — While some speculate that Siri will be later than usual this year, Siri doesn’t think so. If you ask Siri, as Re/code’s Ina Fried did, you’ll find out the dates.
Based on the schedule for the Moscone Centre,the date makes sense as it has been speculated by people in the media and others that WWDC would happen the week of June 13, since Moscone West, the place where Apple usually holds WWDC, doesn’t have any events scheduled for that time. Considering that Apple programs Siri’s responses, this could be pretty official, at least so far, but it certainly doesn’t qualify as an actual announcement. [Can’t wait! New Macs possible!]

Gold in recycling — One of the bits of information squirreled away in Apple’s Environmental Responsibility Report for Fiscal Year 2015 is that Apple’s recycling efforts recovered gold – a lot of gold: 2204 pounds of gold or 35,264 ounces. At US$1,235 per ounce as a recent price point, a whopping US$43,551,040 worth of the precious stuff was recovered – that’s over NZ$62.7 million.

Japan earthquake halts some iPhone camera production, but little disruption expected — An earthquake centered near Japan’s Kyushu island has forced Apple supplier Sony to close its Kumamoto image sensor factory — which supplies components for use in the iPhone — indefinitely, but despite that the company does not believe deliveries will be affected.


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