Car rumours blossom, OS 10.12, WWDC and new Macs, HP super-cores

Concept car image from Apple World Today
Concept car image via Apple World Today

Apple runs secret car lab in Berlin with 15-20 employees, report says — Adding to rampant rumor and speculation surrounding Apple’s Project Titan automotive initiative, a new report claims the company is operating a secret car lab out of Germany’s capital city tasked with imagining, and realising, vehicles of the future.
Citing sources familiar with the matter, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, better known as FAZ, reports Apple’s shadowy Berlin facility is staffed by about 15 to 20 ‘top-class’ employees from the German automotive industry. Another rumour says an Apple car would be manufactured in Austria, which sounds both bizarre and expensive.

OS 10.12, WWDC and new Macs — Not yet though. It’s thought the 2016 edition of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference may be later than usual this year (not according to Siri, though), as the company gears up for OS X 10.12 and a wide-ranging refresh of its Mac lineup. overdue on updating its Mac Pro and Mac mini desktops. The Mini was last updated in October 2014, while the Pro is even more outdated, having been refreshed in December 2013; pundits are speculating about what might happen with the Air, and I’ve been expecting MacBook innovations to migrate into the MacBook Pro line for ages already.

HP wants to turn your Mac into a 44-core Windows PC — If your Mac isn’t fast enough to edit 3D video, HP has a workaround to make it possible. HP’s new remote graphics tool will allow Mac users to tap into the massive computing power of HP Z workstations, which can have up to 44 CPU cores.
The Remote Graphics Software (RGS) turns the Mac into a remote desktop tuned for graphics. A ‘sender’ plugin on the HP Z links to a receiver on the Mac, allowing the computers to share screens and applications.


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