OS X to Mac OS, ultrathin MacBook, Oxfam claims, Quicktime for Windows

MacBook picture from Apple's MacBook page
MacBook picture from Apple’s MacBook page

As Apple Moves From OS X to MacOS, What’s in Store for Users? There are fairly strong indications now that Apple is going to rebrand OS X (formerly Mac OS X) as MacOS. This would, in name, bring about a pleasant synchronisation with tvOS, iOS, and watchOS, but more to the point, rebranding both suggests and offers the opportunity for significant change. What might be in store for Apple’s customers?

Rumour says an ultrathin MacBook update may be coming in the second half of 2016, with a redesigned hinge — Apple is allegedly planning to update its ultraportable MacBook with Retina display in the second half of 2016, featuring a new screen hinge design made from metal injection molding, according to a new supply chain report.

Oxfam reckonsApple holds more money overseas than any other American company — According to a data analysis by charity group Oxfam. Apple, which made $231.1 billion in profits from 2008 to 2014, has kept the money overseas through three subsidiaries, according to the report.
Apple reportedly has over $181 million held offshore. Some of the other companies on the list include Alphabet (Google), American Express, AT&T, Bank of America, Boeing, Chevron, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Exxon Mobil, and Microsoft.

Bid farewell to QuickTime for Windows — Apple is “deprecating support” for QuickTime for Windows, and will no longer patch security flaws in the software. The company is also advising users to uninstall the media player from their Windows machines for security reasons.