3D fitness, Senate and security, TV Maps, iTunes Allowances to go


Upcoming ‘Naked’ 3D fitness tracker will be iOS compatible — Naked Labs, a Silicon Valley fitness tech startup, has launched the world’s first 3D Fitness Tracker for consumers. It will be iOS compatible, though you’ll have to wait a while to get one. Naked’s 3D heat map shows changes to your body geometry over days, weeks, and months. Significant changes are highlighted in a different colour, so you can note areas of your body where you are gaining muscle or losing fat and vice versa.

Senate draft bill requires companies extract, decrypt data for law enforcement — Two high-ranking US senators on Wednesday released to the public a proposed bill that would grant courts the authority to order tech companies dealing in hardware, software or services help law enforcement agencies gain access to encrypted communications.

Use Apple TV to surf the world from your couch — Instead of squinting at a map on your phone, why not take a look on a big screen you already own—an HDTV set via your Apple TV? The appropriately-named Arno Appenzeller (his actual name) used the MapKit part of tvOS to create an interactive app called TV Maps. At US$2, it’s a treat.

iTunes Allowances Program to bid adieu as of May 25 — Apple says you can no longer set up iTunes Allowances, which let parents set up monthly credit for their kids to spend on App Store and iTunes Store purchases, and the iTunes Allowances will vanish into the void on May 25. [For ‘can no longer’ read ‘will no longer’ – Apple can pretty much do what it likes, with its resources.]

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