SE Bluetooth issue, WhatsApp, Digit finances, Apple Music lift, hack, next Apple Watch, Bryant and Jordan

(Image from Apple NZ's iPhone SE page)
(Image from Apple NZ’s iPhone SE page)

iPhone SE users reporting Bluetooth sound issues — It’s never nice to hear about problems with a new Apple product, but that’s the case with the new iPhone SE. The Apple support forums are currently showing a number of reports of distorted sound during phone calls made with the iPhone paired through Bluetooth to a wireless headphone or car audio system.

WhatsApp outpaces iMessage on verification and forward secrecy — A cross-platform messaging app owned by Facebook leapfrogs iMessage; Apple should step up and join it, thinks Macworld.

Digit is a money-saving iOS app that will change how you manage your cash — The future of finance is automated apps that analyse your accounts and know how much to save and spend. Digit is one such example.

Streaming services such as Apple Music help lift Australian music sales to three-year high — The surging popularity of music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube has lifted recorded music sales higher in Australia for the first time since 2012, according to Australian Industry Recording Association’s annual wholesale revenue figures. The stats, seen first by Fairfax Media show a 5% jump in total revenues to $334 million, driven by a more-than-doubling in streaming revenues to $71.1 million.

Apple may know how to block FBI iPhone hack — Apple still doesn’t know exactly how the FBI hacked into Syed Farook’s iPhone 5c, and it looks like the agency doesn’t want to hand over its little secret. There won’t, however, be a legal fight to find out what technique the FBI used because Apple thinks it’s a short-lived hack, which means there’s a good chance the company has some ideas on how to block future attacks without needing any more details. Apple says it will not sue the FBI for the hack, either.

2016 Apple Watch will be internal ‘s’ upgrade, major design changes to wait until 2017, insider says — This year’s second-generation Apple Watch will feature improved internal components, but its external design will be largely unchanged from the first-generation model, according to well-connected insider Ming-Chi Kuo. As to when that might be

New Apple TV ad features Kobe Bryant, actor Michael B Jordan — Recent Apple ads have started to feature celebrities using the company’s products, usually in some humorous way. The latest features Kobe Bryant and actor Michael B Jordan (Creed) discussing a fictional biopic about the basketball legend, using the Siri remote to pull up the NBA app and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button while discussing the part Jordan will play.