Garageband update, ‘religious freedom’, encryption irony, TextExpander 6, OpenType fonts


GarageBand for Mac updates with Music Memos & Logic Remote support, bigger sound library — Apple last Friday released a new version of GarageBand for the Mac, improving support for recent companion apps on iOS, and greatly increasing the number of samples available to musicians.
The updated software — v10.1.1 — can open Music Memos projects, and be controlled by the iPhone and iPad Pro versions of Logic Remote. Similarly, the software should also be better compatible with GarageBand for iOS and Live Loops projects.

Apple says Mississippi ‘religious freedom’ bill ’empowers discrimination’ — An avid promoter of civil rights, Apple on Thursday voiced concern over Mississippi’s ‘religious freedom’ house bill that was signed into law this week by Governor Phil Bryant, a piece of legislation opponents say is a tool for discrimination against LGBT individuals.

Leaked Senate encryption bill called ‘ludicrous, dangerous’ by security experts — A proposed US Senate draft bill that would give courts the authority to compel tech company compliance in law enforcement requests to encrypted data leaked online Thursday night, and by Friday security experts and civil rights advocates were dismantling the policy, calling it ill-informed and potentially dangerous. Meanwhile, if Apple’s products weren’t so secure, the Fed wouldn’t be using them

TextExpander 6 review: A snippets subscription service that’s priced too high — The TextExpander utility saves keystrokes by letting you type a short sequence that’s replaced by a longer one. That’s the heart of the app, which has expanded (sorry) its repertoire of replacement types over time to include form letters with fill-in and drop-down elements, a library of emoji and a host of placeholders for date, time, the contents of the clipboard, and other elements.
The reason for this new review is a significant change in how its maker, Smile, prices the software that’s coupled with mandatory cloud-based synchronization through its own servers, as well as options to share continuously updated snippets for individual users and groups.

How to access advanced OpenType features in a variety of apps — 
Lesa Snyder informs us how to up your typography game in Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and Quark apps.