Cookie Monster and Siri, Microsoft keyboard, Apple Watch a year later, Indian Split View (not), HomeKit flaws


Cookie Monster and Siri Behind the Scenes — Cookie Monster’s Siri commercial is absolutely awesome, and not just because it’s brought to you by the number 6 and the letter s. What’s equally awesome is that Apple put together a behind the scenes video following Cookie Monster through the commercial shoot. It’s also great to see Cookie Monster’s humanity; he’s excited by new technology, he overcomes adversity, and he loves cookies, just like us—only with more fur. And he’s blue.

Microsoft rolls Hub Keyboard for iOS out of the Garage — Microsoft seems to be doing more development of apps for iOS than Apple does. The latest is from Microsoft Garage, a team that produces apps that are designed to push the envelope a bit in terms of UI or functionality. The free Hub Keyboard adds a row of buttons to a traditional iOS keyboard that can perform all sorts of productivity-enhancing tasks.

Fluent: Apple Watch one year later is a hit (sort of) — The Fluent research group ( conducted 2578 interviews of Americans nationwide, and determined that the Apple Watch is a mild hit.

Apple can’t use the term ‘Split View’ in India — The Delhi High Court has declared that Apple can’t use the term ‘Split View’ in India, reports MacNN. The complaint, filed by Microsoft vendor Vyooh, claims it developed similar functionality in its Splitview software in 2006, with basically the same functionality.

Elgato’s Eve Energy smartplug is easy to use, but highlights HomeKit’s flaws — Elgato’s Eve Energy smartplug is a perfectly serviceable home automation product, but in some ways it proves that Apple’s HomeKit platform still has a way to go before it becomes mainstream.

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