Cook joins Kennedy board, Bernie Sanders, MacStadium, Tomb Raider, Beta beat


Tim Cook named to the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights board of directors — Apple CEO Tim Cook has joined the board of directors of the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights organisation, the international human rights organisation founded by Robert Kennedy’s family and friends nearly 50 years ago.

Bernie Sanders says Apple isn’t destroying fabric of America — Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders (D) said specifically that Apple isn’t one of those companies he’s accused of “destroying the fabric of America,” but he had two things he wished Apple would change. The first is that he wants Apple to make some of its products in the US (spoiler, Apple already does), and the second is he wants Apple to pay “[its] fare share of taxes”.

MacStadium scoops up Macminicolo, plans expansion — MacStadium, a Mac hosting provider, has received a multi-million dollar line of credit from Silicon Valley Bank, and will acquire Macminicolo , the oldest vendor in the commercial Mac hosting industry.

Tomb Raider for Mac is an excellent relaunch — The Tomb Raider game franchise has been rebooted. And Tomb Raider for Mac is a top notch relaunch.

Beta beat — Apple has issued first betas of iOS 9.3.2, OS X 10.11.5, tvOS 9.2.1 & watchOS 2.2.1 to developers.


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