SE selling well, Lockscreen hack fixed, rise of smartphones, Apple News Twitter, FBI mum, WhatsApp encrypted, Twitter private button

(Image from Apple NZ’s iPhone page)

iPhone SE selling well, experiencing shipping delays and stock-outs — Over the first weekend of sales of the new iPhone SE, we saw a lot of headlines that talked about ‘lacklustre’ sales of the new 4-inch phone. Those appear to have been based on the lack of the usual lines that accompany the launch of Apple’s flagship iPhones like the iPhone 6s, as AppleInsider checked a number of stores and found the iPhone SE is not only showing shipping delays in many places, but is actually out of stock in a number of stores.

Apple fixes iOS lock screen bypass that gives access to photos, contacts — Apple has reportedly fixed a vulnerability that could have allowed hackers to bypass the passcode on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus running iOS 9.3.1 in order to access the address book and photos.

Smartphones replace personal computers as the go-to devices for downloading content — Limelight Networks, Inc, which specialises in digital content delivery, today unveiled the results of its annual State of Digital Downloads report, the latest in its studies of consumer perceptions and behaviors around digital content. In just the past few months the smartphone has displaced the personal computer as the dominant device for the download and consumption of content.

Apple starts Twitter feed to promote articles for its Apple News app — Apple has inaugurated @applenews, a Twitter feed dedicated to promoting “top stories and great reads” from the Apple News app for iOS.

FBI lawyer refuses to say whether data extracted from San Bernardino iPhone is ‘useful’ — After engaging Apple in a high-profile court battle to unlock a terror suspect’s iPhone, the FBI remains mum as to whether or not data gleaned from the device is “useful” to investigators. [In other words, they found virtually nothing, although I’d hate to be in that Contacts list.]

Popular messaging app WhatsApp boosts security with complete end-to-end encryption — Facebook on Tuesday announced that WhatsApp, its popular mobile messaging service, is now using end-to-end encryption for all communications, not just one-on-one text exchanges and VoIP calls.

Twitter adds a Message button so you can quickly share Tweets privately — Since its inception, Twitter has been a very public forum. But now, Twitter wants to be a player in private messages.

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