FBI iPhone fight, One-handed SE, email apps, Siri security flaw, gold products

FBIFBI goes Quiet with iPhone Unlock Fight in Boston — The Department of Justice’s fight to force Apple to sidestep iPhone security features in San Bernardino isn’t over, and in fact is still very much alive in Boston. Like the San Bernardino case, the FBI is citing the All Writs Act from 1789 as grounds to force Apple to find a way to bypass the iPhone’s lock screen, but this time they’re doing all under sealed records instead of in the open.

Pinky torture: the iPhone SE is a one-handed wonder while the iPhone 6s is not — The luxuriously large 4.7-inch display of the iPhone 6 comes at a cost: it’s a terrible phone to use with one hand. Even Apple knows this, which is why it ships with a feature called Reachability allowing the top of the screen to be reached by tapping (but not pressing) your thumb against the home button twice. The SE, by comparison, is a ‘one-handed wonder‘, although testing shows  it’s slightly more fragile than the 6s.

The best email apps for iPhone and iPad, 2016 — Apple’s own Mail app has gone from just respectable to pretty great, at least since iOS 6. For many users, there’s no need to go searching for another email app. Its standout feature is still simplicity, but it also benefits from superb Maps and Calendar integration, VIP filtering, and support for large attachments. And if there’s a third-party email client that can match Mail’s annotation capabilities, I haven’t found it, but Macworld looks at the alternatives.

Siri security flaw on iPhone 6s & 6s Plus grants access to Contacts and Photos without passcode — A newly discovered Siri search handling bug allows nefarious users to bypass the passcode-protected lock screens on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets, granting easy access to Contacts and Photos data. The vulnerability is likely applicable only to a subset of devices, however.

Limited edition Apple products sold for over US$1 million —
Apple hardware is not what we would call ‘cheap’ but some limited edition products are literally worth their weight in gold.


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