where to for Mac NZ? Please let me know.


11 thoughts on “where to for Mac NZ? Please let me know.”

  1. Mark, PLEASE keep it up! I’ve archived ALL the Magbytes, and still refer to back copies from time to time. Please don’t be offended, but # 74 seemed to be bit rushed…there were a number of spelling and grammatical gaffes that made it difficult to read in places. If I could help (in a proofreading way) please get in touch?


  2. I echo completely what Martin Sanders and Derek Butcher have said above. It is a pity there are not more Mac users in NZ to appreciate the tremendous effort you put in for us.


  3. I look forward to the weekly and monthly newsletters – great communication!
    Some of the daily info goes over my head but there is always something to enjoy.
    Thank you for all the help you have given over the years. Long may MAC NZ continue.
    Thank you Mark.


  4. I can’t wait to read your daily column. And the monthly mag.Ther have been occasions when I have sought and received your individual help and much appreciated it too.


  5. You do a very good job here Mark and I find that there is more than enough information etc to sometimes even be able to read it all. I think your present daily posts are great and the Magbytes is an eye catching and professional monthly mag.
    I enjoy everything about all you do and think we in NZ are lucky to have you do this all for free. I for one would be quite willing to purchase a subscription to it due to all the information we get.
    So I am more than happy with everything as it is.


  6. Hi. Just discovered you so have little to comment about. Appreciate the fact that you do it. In particular, I look at iOS and iMac, not so much laptops. Wonder if Apple is quitting on iMac or Macs in favor of portable devices.


  7. I feel too close, too emotionally involved , too computer naive to comment. But did this ever stop me?One thing I have noticed, like dealing with teenagers no one seems to say thank you. What you do and have done is part of computer history- nothing is for ever its a no brainer do what you want to do first and secondly do what you have to do. Sometimes I feel you are updating the Bible. Is JC offering any work.What you do Mark will never be as good as you are-Perhaps you have reached the watershed.
    I wonder sometimes if us geeks deserve you. Simon


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