No Podcast creation, edit your Mac Dictionary, 3000 Mac games


Thanks (for nothing), Apple, for removing the podcast creation feature in GarageBand — Before version 10, you could launch GarageBand from the Applications folder, select New Project on the left, then double-click on Podcast.
No longer …

Edit your custom Mac OS Dictionary File — If you tap the spacebar when you see a suggestion like the one above, your Mac will helpfully insert the correction, and you’ll be on your way. But what if it keeps trying to correct a word you know is right?
Well, there’s a custom dictionary file for every user account on your Mac, and were you so inclined, you can go in and add words, names, or anything else you were tired of being corrected on to its list. This’ll prevent Mac OS X from attempting to correct those items, and it’ll also take away that irritating red squiggle underneath ’em that means they’re misspelled.

The Mac reaches over 3000 games on Steam — The Mac has reached over 3000 games on Stream and has over million active players according to MacGamer HQ. This is particularly impressive when you consider how often the Mac is dismissed as a gaming platform.


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