iPhone SE for the future, FBI hack, Foxconn buys Sharp


Apple’s new, powerful 4-inch iPhone SE is built for the future — The inclusion of Apple’s latest and greatest processor and camera technology in the iPhone SE ensures that both customers and Apple will be able to stand by the device for years to come. But does price outweigh size?

Apple could force the FBI into revealing how it hacked into an iPhone — Apple may use a Brooklyn drug case to force the FBI to reveal how it hacked into the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters. Questions are still lingering over how the FBI found a backdoor into the device, but the agency reportedly hired Israeli-firm Cellebrite for technical assistance in accessing the phone.

Foxconn buys Sharp in $3.5B deal — Foxconn announced it’s buying Sharp on for US$3.5 billion, ending speculation surrounding whether the deal would come through. Foxconn originally offered over $5 billion for Sharp, and the buyout looked like it might fall apart for a while thanks to surprise Sharp liabilities.


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