International women’s Day, paperless with iPad Pro, Avengers Academy, Home Automation, haunted iPhones, I’m off


International Women’s Day in iBooks — Apple is celebrating International Women’s Day by spotlighting uplifting, thought-provoking and entertaining books by and about women. Visit the iBooks Store (open IBooks on Mac and click Store at top left, or Featured at lower left on iOS) “to find hundreds of incredible stories featuring inspiring women: from tough heroines who save fictional worlds to real-life activists who are making our own world better”.

With the iPad Pro, it’s time to replace all paper — Bryan Semple, chief marketing officer of SmartBear Software and longtime marketeer (and iPad user), is so impressed with the iPad Pro that he’s telling anyone who will listen to ditch paper.

Marvel Avengers Academy is a comic city-builder with character — Marvel has its fingers in a lot of different iOS game genres, from fighting and LEGO-bashing to pinball, beat-‘em-up action, puzzle dueling, and collectible card battling. But Avengers Academy is something very different: a slow-paced, menu-driven city builder. Actually, you’ll build up a school campus, as the title suggests, but given the scale of the endeavour – including a sports stadium, jet landing pad, and clothing shop – it might as well be a metropolis.

Apple is losing the home automation market — Steven Sande thinks Apple is part of the problem right now and definitely not helping to define a solution to Home Automation. But another post on another site shows the best Apple-approved HomeKit smart home accessories you can buy right now [but some won’t be available in New Zealand].

Haunted iPhones and iPads receiving ghost emails from 1970 — A glitch has been discovered that apparently affects iOS email apps with users receiving empty messages dated January 1, 1970, reports the Telegraph. The emails have no subject or sender, and opening them shows nothing.

I’m off, bye — Sorry to leave my c5000 followers in the lurch, but I have to go to Europe today and I will be travelling in a  manner which will not allow me to update this site. I’ve normally managed to do this, but not this time (I am back 5th April).
When I get back I will be reevaluating my efforts here to serve you better; in the meantime, I can answer emails every couple of days or so to, so if you have any thoughts about changes I can make in April, I’m all ears. Please remember there will be an Apple Event later this month. There have been leaks and rumours but you never really know what’s coming out till the announcement.
I will try and post around then.


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