Review ~ NVS iPhone 6/6s Wallet Folio


It’s not often you see ‘Designed in New Zealand’ these days on products for the tech industry, but that’s what we have here, in a premium leather iPhone case from NVS. The wallet folio has a plastic tray that the iPhone presses snugly into, but the rest of the interior is suede including the face that rests against the iPhone screen when the folio is closed. The front and back are hand-made in dressed leather. The folio opens to reveal two  pockets that fit credit cards and/or access cards.

Access — While it’s closed you can still plug in your earbud and charger, since the bottom end has a cutaway, and there are ports for the camera and flash and also for the speaker.
Cutaways in the snug-fit plastic tray that the iPhone 6 or 6s presses into allow you to use the volume and mute buttons on the left side and the sleep button on the right.


Conclusion — NVS has crafted a slick, well made entry into the market that, surprisingly, feels more trim in your pocket than some click-in plastic cases.

What’s great — Nice design, good quality, excellent price.

What’s not — Check back in a year and we’ll see how its worn, but the patina that leather develops is part of its charm.

Needs — Those who like to keep their two most-used cards together with their iPhones while appreciating some class.

NVS iPhone 6/6s Wallet Folio, NZ$59.99, available in black (as shown) or red.

Available from — Electronics retailers, iPhone sellers etc.

More information — macgear, NVS NZ


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